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Architects & Specifiers

Architects & Specifiers

You have the responsibility to merge beauty and form with functionality and safety. It’s a responsibility you don’t take lightly. A project, no matter how large or small, is your mark upon the landscape and you want to protect it from fire with the best materials possible. That’s why you want Contego for your project.

Contego intumescent latex paint is the best choice for protecting your design and the people it’s there to serve. Plus, Contego can be top coated with whatever you like, so let your imagination run wild. Contego is super thin, paper smooth and wonderfully aesthetic. Contego has a pleasant scent, zero VOC’s, and is completely non-toxic, both in the can and during a burn.

Contego has no health risks and is completely inoffensive. Contego lets you bring out the best in any design no matter what substrate you have to protect. The days of thick, lumpy, foul-smelling, toxic, expensive coatings are gone.

Ask for a sample kit to learn more about how Contego is revolutionizing the world of fire resistant coatings.