General Contractors

General Contractors

When you win a contract, you don’t rest until the project is done. You have the responsibility to bring the architect’s drawings to life and you also have a duty to the people whose lives will be affected everyday by the quality of your work and the materials you use. Managing cost overruns, code compliance issues, and orchestrating all trades to stay on time and in budget is all part of the job. To protect a building and those in it, you need a coating that meets code, is easy to work with and whose performance is superior.

You need Contego fire resistant paint.

Contego fire barrier intumescent latex paint is super thin, paper smooth and wonderfully aesthetic. Contego has a pleasant scent, zero VOC’s, and is completely non-toxic, both in the can and during a burn. Contego can be top coated with whatever you like. According to our test results from leading independent fire testing laboratories, top coating Contego doesn’t hurt our fire resistance – it actually improves it by as much as 32%!  Forget about rescheduling other trades during your project.  Contego has no health risks and is completely inoffensive. You get a fast response and instant availability. Try it once and you’ll never use anything else.

Ask for a sample kit to learn more about how Contego is revolutionizing the world of fire resistant coatings.