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Fire Proof Your Life – Contego Canada Inc.


Fire Proof Your Life Contego Canada Inc. is proud to be part of the Contego family. Located in Calgary Alberta, our goal is to spread the Contego message all across Canada. Fire is a global problem. Contego is a global solution–from Canada to all over the world.

We are the exclusive Canadian Contego intumescent manufacturer that uses triple redundant quality control analysis of batches using spectrofluoroscopic FTIR analysis to map the chemical signature. Contego uses UL, Intertek, Materials Analytical Services, MAGI, and KTA. Contego is unique in that all of its data, regardless of which laboratory tested its products or when, is highly consistent — contributing to its nearly universal acceptance for virtually any structural design.


Contego International was formed in 2000 for the express purpose of seeking out the best fire prevention products available and expanding their use through refinement, education, and exposure. Contego is Latin for “to shield, defend, or protect”. That is also the mission of the company and its management.

Contego reps around the world offer solutions to the commercial and industrial sector, as well as consumers. Structures and furnishings treated with Contego brand products offer a level of security and safety that can be measured in lives saved and property losses that are averted.

Your partner in social responsibility

When you partner with Contego Canada, not only are you doing your part solving the problems of lives lost, injuries, property loss, disruption and risk management costs due to fire, but you are participating in social responsibility around the world as well. Contego Canada is part of the Legacy Group of Companies, a socially responsible business conglomerate. When you support Contego Canada, you also support humanitarian relief and social projects around the world. You can learn more at www.legacy-group.ca