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Drywall/Gypsum wallboard (GWB) is an accepted fire barrier; however, it is also a huge fuel source for the first few minutes of exposure to a fire or even temperatures higher than 451 Fahrenheit. That’s because the paper fascia on gypsum wallboard, even fire rated GWB, is PAPER – paper coated with flammable paint.  (Not only is it an enormous fuel source, it may also be toxic in a fire.)  Once the paper burns off, the gypsum goes to work protecting the substrate; but initially, the painted paper fascia will flare and can wildly accelerate temperature rise and trigger flashover in adjoining rooms.

By using a standard GWB and applying a coating of Contego fire barrier intumescent latex paint, you achieve superior drywall fire protection and approach the parameters of a “Type X” rating.  A 10 mil DFT (dry film thickness) coat of Contego adds 55 minutes of burn time to any layer of GWB.  Contego protects the paper fascia while maintaining a flame spread and smoke production rating of 0×0. To receive the “Type X” designation under ASTM C 36, a gypsum board product must be shown to achieve not less than a one-hour fire resistance rating for 5/8″ board or a 3/4-hour fire resistance rating for 1/2″ board applied in a single layer, when tested in accordance with the requirements of ASTM E 119, Methods of Fire Test of Building Constructions and Materials.

Contego is super thin, paper smooth and wonderfully aesthetic. Contego has a pleasant scent, zero VOC’s, and is completely non-toxic, both in the can and during a burn. Contego can be top coated with whatever you like, so let your imagination run wild. According to our test results from leading independent fire testing laboratories, top coating Contego doesn’t hurt our fire resistance – it actually improves it by as much as 32%! Forget about rescheduling other trades during your project.  Contego has no health risks and is completely inoffensive.

Ask for a sample kit to learn more about how Contego is revolutionizing the world of fire resistant coatings.