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One of the most fascinating applications we have is protecting aluminum. Since most aluminum alloys melt in the vicinity of 1100-1200°F and moreover, begin to display significant reduction in tensile and yield strengths at temperatures well below this, protection of structural aluminum in the event of a fire is an important concern. Our ability to protect aluminum is nothing short of amazing. Independent testing shows better than 2 hours of protection on .250 aluminum columns with only 50 mils dry film thickness (DFT) of Contego.

The various uses of Contego for those looking to fireproof aluminum are vast. Contego Firebarrier Intumescent Latex Paint can be used for anything from protecting aluminum ventilation ducting in mines, to the aviation and aerospace communities where complex challenges like cargo holds of commercial jets, military aircraft and experimental designs can be problematic to protect with other, inferior products.

Contego is super thin, paper smooth and wonderfully aesthetic. Contego has a pleasant scent, zero VOC’s, and is completely non-toxic, both in the can and during a burn. Contego has no health risks and is completely inoffensive. All these and many other reasons makes Contego Firebarrier Intumescent Latex Paint the right product for protecting your aluminum structures.

Ask for a sample kit to learn more about how Contego is revolutionizing the world of fire resistant coatings.