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Wood or Wood By-product


Fire Retardant Paint for Wood, Dimensional Lumber and Engineered Wood Products

There are many factors to consider when choosing the type of lumber to use for your projects.  Building codes from one jurisdiction to the next can be dramatically different. Regardless of the lumber you choose, be it dimensional lumber, or engineered lumber products such as plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), laminated strand lumber (LSL), particle board, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) , or any other type ofmanufactured wood product, Contego is the best fire retardant paint for wood and to protect your investment.

If you are required to use pressure-treated fire resistant wood (PTFR), then you know how costly it is compared to using conventional lumber, but Contego gives you a choice. By applying 2 coats of Contego, you can meet the requirement and save on average 75% of the cost of using PTFR. That figure includes the cost of labor to apply it! It’s important to realize that PTFR is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It also requires the use of stainless steel fasteners due to the fact that the chemicals in the PTFR will dissolve other fastener materials. It’s also important to note that according to findings by the USDA, the process used in the creation of the PTFR actually breaks down the lectins of the wood. Those lectins are essential to the structural integrity of the wood.

In addition to the cost saving benefits of using Contego, it’s important to note its superiority over other fire retardant intumescent paints for wood. Contego provides unmatched fire protection and thermal resistance. In a test done by Underwriters Laboratories, the test results showed that Contego gets better flame spread and smoke production results on Douglas fir plywood than other intumescents get on steel. Contego is super thin, paper smooth and wonderfully aesthetic. Contego has a pleasant scent, zero VOC’s, and is completely non-toxic, both in the can and during a burn. Contego can be top coated with whatever you like, so let your imagination run wild.

According to our test results from leading independent fire testing laboratories, top coating Contego doesn’t hurt our fire resistance – it actually improves it by as much as 32%! Forget about rescheduling other trades during your project.  Contego has no health risks and is completely inoffensive. Take any project you’ve already done in wood and then let us show you what it would have been like had you used Contego. It doesn’t matter what product you used, you will find Contego is lighter, thinner, and smoother. Best of all, you’ll see how much time, labor and overall cost you would have saved. Once your project is underway, Contego makes changes and work-arounds a snap. Ask for a free information kit to learn more about how Contego is revolutionizing the world of fire resistant coatings.